Nick and Estelle's Baby


What's in those pictures?

some people have complained that they can't see what's going on in these pictures - they've even been likened to pictures of "hurricane george"... OK...

This was on 2000-07-04...

ID:WATERMAN ESTELLE_                          04.07m20
ultrasound 1
                                                 5/ 80
I'll admit... Normally I can't see a single thing in these ultrasounds, but this time they were stunningly clear, EXCEPT when the technician froze the motion to print out images like the one above, and/or to take measurements. Even so, I tought the above image was fairly clear, myself.

The ultrasound transducer is placed on Estelle's tummy, and the ultrasound itself scans rapidly back-and-forth through a flat arc. Imagine a torch at the top, shining down on baby. That's the kind of cone-shape. The image is a CROSS-SECTION though, nt a side view or anything.

Most of the bottom half of this "cone" of "light" is Estelle's guts. The dark area in the top half is the amniotic sac. The baby's head is on the left, of this, and the spine runs across to the right, and slightly up. I think bits of an arm are visible. The legs are less obvious - you can see hints of them on the right, but this is a cross-section, and the legs are probably further behind or in front of the plane of the scan.

These 2 were on 2000-09-06 - much bigger!...

ultrasound 2
ultrasound 3
I IMAGINE everyone can recognise the outline of a skull, at least in the bottom one of these 2? From this, you ought to be able to spot the rib-cage (particularly in the top picture).

As you can see, in the bottom picture, baby's clearly thumbing it's nose, probably saying "Ner Ner Ner-Ner Neeeeer" at the "camera" :-)

In the top picture, baby's fingers look like bubbles in front of it's mouth, because this one was taken from a slightly different cross-section.

Most of the rest of baby is off the right-hand-side.

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